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Collaboration among all levels of government, private industry, non-profit organizations, start-ups, and researchers- all focused on technology evolutions and alignments to enhance performance and efficiencies for carbon zero communities.

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Power of Performance Capability without Complexity

• TechVivo captures, synthesizes and leverages global technology evolutions and best practices for increasing liveability and reliable connectivity in water, energy, communications, transportation, security and building infrastructure at a community level.

• TechVivo serves as an IT intelligence exchange combining sophisticated technological layering into integrated infrastructure. Knowledge sharing provides mandatory standards, research applications and further product advancements that achieve resilience and flexibility in connected uses to benefit governments and industry.

• TechVivo promotes the business of technology operations and partnerships; from start-ups to global corporations enhancing their performance capability, international trade reach, and sustainability.

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Maintaining a Virtual Resources Hub where information about technological tools creating Smart Cities is available including community based connected-infrastructure grids across Canada. is one demonstration site.