TechVivo Membership

TechVivo is a federal non-profit organization, designed to increase technological solutions by collaborating with the right leading organizations from business, research and academia. This applied technology adapts to successful efficiencies through economies of scale. The TechVivo Directory goal is to maximize performance, reliability, green sustainability and resilience ALL at less cost while synthesizing improvements for people-places-planet in the building of urban areas. The TechVivo directory is important globally due to the increased urban population growth at a time of limited resources which technology can augment in providing solutions for people & place management.

To join TechVivo and be a part of this innovated collaboration memberships are required:

Non-Profit Organizations Membership

Government Organizations Membership

Small Business Membership

Corporations Membership
Corporations wanting a Central Cyber Industry Leadership Role with accompanying Large Bold Print brand name placement for $10,000.

Student Membership
A student membership is anyone enrolled in high school, post-secondary school or a recent graduate.

To join us, please use the Contact Us form and submit your enquiries.